International Students

The International Program is for students from outside the United States interested in a 6-month to multiple-year program at the North Hills Christian School. We welcome applications from international students and value the cultural diversity and individual gifts students bring to our student body. Many international students have attended from one to several years. Most have chosen to stay and graduate, later matriculating to institutions of higher learning in California or elsewhere in the United States.

We welcome students who are bright, inquisitive, imaginative, and compassionate.

Your experience at North Hills Christian School will allow you to:

  • Make lifelong friends with native English speakers and experience cultural diversity
  • Challenge yourself
  • Participate in sports and after school activities
  • Immerse yourself in American culture
  • Prepare for U.S. universities
  • North Hills is approved by SEVIS for the acceptance of International Students.
    We currently accept students who meet the following criteria:
    • Independent and staying with a relative
    • Those who are applying through an approved agency
    • Those seeking an academic as well as cultural experience
    • Meet all North Hills application requirements
    • Demonstrate English proficiency through approved tests such as TOEFL.

Tamah Roby,
International Coordinator

Resources For International Students