Spiritual Life

Bible Curriculum

Bible instruction and study at North Hills Christian School is a cornerstone of our educational program as we strive to teach and encourage each child to Love God with all their heart.

Positive Action Bible Curriculum is used by Kindergarten through 6th grade students. This provides a systematic study for students so that a child who completes elementary school at North Hills will be exposed to a thorough overview of the Bible.

7th through 12th grade students also participate in studying through the Bible. This curriculum is designed to speak to our motto: “Love God. Serve Others. Change the World!” Each year in addition to Bible study, students read biographies about famous Christians and missionaries and learn how to prepare Bible studies. North Hills’ upper classmen engage in mentoring with mature believers and have the opportunity to lead in their own prepared group Bible study in chapel.


K-5th grade children attend weekly chapels on Wednesdays. Students worship through music and a variety of Bible teaching from guest speakers to videos to classroom presentations. When students return to their classrooms, teachers lead children in reflecting on Bible truths learned during chapel.

6th – 12th grade students celebrate worship through music led by a high school student-led band. Pastors, teachers, community leaders, alumni and students are some of the guest speakers that share from their experience as mature believers.

Parents and families are always welcome to attend chapel.

Fall Retreat

Students in grades 6th – 12th participate in an annual 4-day Fall Retreat in September. The Retreat is designed to provide an environment where students engage in team building activities and relationship development. Most importantly, chapel times led by guest musicians and speakers challenge students to examine their relationship with God.