Financial Aid

Outside Agencies

North Hills Christian Schools accepts a variety of scholarship payments from outside agencies. Please check your church, employer or other Bay Area community agencies for scholarship availability for your child.

Basic Fund

First time private school students in K-8th grade may apply for need-based scholarships with BASIC Fund ( Application period is January-March on a first come, first served basis. Maximum scholarship is $2,500/year.

North Hills Need-Based Gifts

We use FACTS Grant & Aid assessment services to conduct financial need assessments for interested families. Applications must be made annually. You may apply for tuition assistance online at Facts Grant & Aid Assessment, through our Application process or through your existing FACTS account. Only students who have completed the Enrollment Process will be considered for Financial Aid. FACTS charges a non-refundable fee per family for this service and you are asked to upload your recent W-2 and 1040 tax forms. Award amounts may be impacted by timeliness of application, fulfillment of prior years' obligations, and the number of financially qualifying families sharing available assistance funds. Keep in mind that applying for financial aid does not guarantee you will be eligible for assistance, and eligibility does not guarantee that financial aid will be available. Families foreseeing a financial need should prayerfully explore all possible resources of alternate funding. Completed assessments will be reviewed based upon dates of verified submission. Late applicants may be considered as funds are available. As a general rule the maximum award for first time NHCS qualified applicants is not more than 30% of the annual tuition. Following years are subject to a reduced maximum.

Multi-Child Discount

Discounts are available to families with more than one child living in the same household as the financially responsible guardian. Multi-child discounts are applied to students from the highest grade to the lowest grade. For example: Oldest child's tuition is 100%; Second child $300 discount; Third child $600 discount; Fourth child $900 discount; Fifth child 100% discount.

Referral Incentive

Families currently enrolled in North Hills are eligible for a referral credit on their December invoice by referring a brand new family to North Hills. Credits are one per new family; $200 for new K-5th grade students or $250 for new 6th-12th grade students. Both families' children must be attending through the first semester to qualify. Please contact the office to submit your request for a referral incentive.

Pre-Paid Discount

A 3% tuition discount is offered to families who prepay their annual tuition by cash or check before August 1.

Pastoral Discounts

Full-time Senior or Associate Pastors may qualify for a 25% discount in tuition. Applicants must apply through the North Hills Need-Based Gift process mentioned above. Requests for Pastoral Discount must be submitted annually.