North Hills Christian School is an educational ministry of North Hills Baptist Church and is a Bible-based Christian school committed to biblical principles.

North Hills Christian School is also committed to providing quality Christian education that empowers students to make life choices based on biblical worldview by integrating God and His Word as the base-line of understanding truth. The North Hills community is striving to "Love God. Serve Others. Change the World."

Our expected school wide learning outcomes are established to equip each student to become:

Effective Communicators who:

  • Listen actively, speak persuasively and respectfully, read critically and write clearly
  • Use technology effectively and responsibly to enhance communication
  • Express ideas and creative abilities through art, drama, music, and foreign language
  • Express and defend their faith in all situations

Academic Achievers who:

  • Become empowered for academic achievement using effective study habits and organizational skills
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills through analyzing, discriminating, prioritizing, applying and evaluating information
  • Gain mastery of the skills in the school’s core curriculum so that further knowledge can be attained without hindrance

Genuine Christians who:

  • Have accepted or have been challenged to accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior
  • Display the integrity that comes by being a disciple of Christ when demonstrating life skills through biblical problem-solving
  • Are challenged and inspired to become involved in ministry and missions

Lifelong Learners who:

  • Take personal responsibility in the learning process
  • Set realistic personal and academic goals and implement a course of action to achieve them
  • Develop the academic and intellectual skills to pursue higher education

Empowered Citizens who:

  • Contribute time and talent to improve the quality of life at school and in the community as representatives of Christ
  • Develop an acceptance of, and submission to, authority
  • Strive to understand and respect diverse cultures, individuals, and opinions
  • Demonstrate Christian ethics in resolving conflicts