2023-2024 School Year

The NHCS Transportation Service includes two designated pick-up/drop-off locations every day when school is in session.

The two locations are 1440 Fitzgerald Drive (Pinole) and 844 Willow Avenue (Hercules). Click HERE to see the vehicle route.

The cost for each student is $600 per semester (to school in the morning and back across the bridge after school). There is no additional charge for the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge Toll Plaza.

Only student athletes are eligible for one-way rates. During the season of any sport, whenever there is a practice or game (away or home), it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to bring their child home. Once the season is over, the North Hills Business Office will apply a prorated credit for the total number of times the student athletes did not utilize transportation due to practices and games.

The primary vehicles used for transportation are vans. Students who require a car/booster seat are not eligible for this service. Click HERE to read the rules and expectations for those who will be using the NHCS Transportation Service.

To sign-up for transportation, click HERE and fill out the School Transportation Service Contract.