Spiritual Life

Bible instruction and study at North Hills Christian School is a cornerstone of our educational program as we strive to teach and encourage children to Love God with all their hearts. In high school students have a variety of opportunities to grow in their relationship with God; from daily Bible classes to weekly chapels to the annual Fall Retreat students engage with peers and with faculty in a community that seeks to know and love God.


Middle and high school students celebrate in worship through music led by high school students. Pastors, teachers, community leaders, alumni, and students serve as guest speakers that share about their spiritual journey and growth in Christ.

Bible Class:

NHCS offers many opportunities for North Hills high school students learn about what it means to become a Genuine Christian. NHCS expects teachers to know and love Jesus. We know Jesus through a robust understanding of the Bible that shapes our view of the world and grounds our teaching. We teach from this Christian perspective. We often teach about other views of the world but show how Christianity consistently supports all of what we find as evidence in the world. In our Bible department, we teach starting with the basics of the Bible and who Jesus is, eventually arriving at theology and how to present the gospel in our multicultural world. The students who complete our program will be prepared to know and love Jesus, think critically about the Bible and live practically its message. Some of the class offerings include:


As an introduction to apologetics students will be challenged to answer the question, “Can a person be certain of the truths proclaimed in the Scriptures?” Students will focus on a method for both advancing and defending the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Students will be introduced to the history represented in the Bible answering questions such as: who are the people in the Bible and why is it important for us to know about them?


Theology is really just what you think about God. Students will understand why thinking about God rightly requires understanding about Jesus and his message to people.


This class is a brief overview of what the Bible says about Jesus and answers the big question, “Who is Jesus?”


Movies are entertainment but they have a message that influences people. This class teaches students to enjoy the movies but to think critically using a biblical worldview lens.

Fall Retreat:

Students in 6th-12th grade participate in an annual 3-day Fall Retreat in September. The Retreat is designed to provide an environment where students engage in team building activities and relationship development. Most importantly, chapel times led by guest musicians and speakers challenge students to examine their relationship with God.